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Saturday, June 04, 2011

An individual statutory body in need of hour!

This article is not supporting to any political party...

For the past couple of days the people of Tamil Nadu with who have discretion would note and worry that the present government scraps decisions and policies of previous government.

The present government headed by Ms.J.Jayalalitha do away with Uniform School Syllabus (Is it worth to all student folk or not is not a discussion point here. But it is pioneer step in fact), not occupying whopping r1200 crore (?!) secretarial complex, discontinuing of Insurance Scheme and providing home to all have-nots (really to have–nots or followers of particular party?)

In this situation one should think all of sudden one single man can able to scrap all the schemes of old government that benefited (?!) to public, it is dismay to the professional and systematic approach of a government. Governments are public properties and not intending to take revenge between one to one who, for a mere reason, dislike another one.

So we should find a way that all policy decisions of government should be taken by a tri party committee which is an individual statutory body and any modification of same must require its consent.

Tri-party committee means:
a)     3 people from each authorised political party
b)     3 people from general public (1 from religious, 1 from economic and other from general public who is a thinker for welfare of society – to identify him is very easy by going through particular VAO, Tashildar, Collector etc)
c)     3 people from particular government dept who implement the scheme.

The meeting should be headed by Chief Minister and a decision supported by maximum number of persons of the committee to be authorised by CM and to be implemented.Any modification at later stage should be ratified unanimously by most of people of the committee.

I request your valuable suggestion and comments

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