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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Electricity in Tamilnadu, India

Electricity is as important as life force in our body. Our body runs with life particles whereas society runs with electricity.

What are all ways to get and maintain it? There are 2 aspects we have to concentrate:
* Increase its production and distribution (with lesser wastage)
* Effective consumption


Electricity from nuclear power is always dangerous. From several reliable newspaper articles it is evident that production cost is comparatively low considering administrating resultant waste generated. Production cost + administration cost for waste disposal will be very high per unit. Not only cost but life of human / animals also involved in this method.

India has to rely on foreign countries for the raw material imports and technical know-how. These plants are secretly support nuclear weapons.  

You could have read newspaper article that USA is accumulated nuclear waste (from nuclear power generation plant) in a waste land and banned people from approaching this site for about 10 million years (repeat 10 million years not 1 or 2 years but 10 million years) once it noticed emission of radiation. Now they are not in favor of any new plant; they are sending nuclear waste to poor Asian and unknown African countries. (Who cares these people dies)

Distribution loss in our country is much higher than any other countries (about 60% in our case whereas other countries about 40%) hence we have to curb waste by installing under earth cables and gradually removing over head wires.

We have to develop a model and a 5 year plan to generate electricity. Following are various means of producing electricity rather than nuclear power:

a)    Our government should announce subsidy for solar electricity equipments both individuals and companies
b)   Explore possibilities to generate electricity from waste (tons and tons of waste is being generated everyday in every city)
c)   Generate electricity from sea waves (like present electricity method from river water)
d)   Wind power generation to be spread across country

i)                    Unnecessary lighting at unnecessary  times to be avoided
ii)                  Buildings plans should allow room for natural lighting and natural air so that we can avoid using AC and in its place we can use fans
iii)                Awareness to be created among general public. We can include this subject in school syllabus.

So until then there is sufficient electricity in other means we can run koodankulam project. If there is any accident happened in plant we have to remember one important factor that our government allowed Anderson to escape from Bhopal tragedy. Please note a fact that there is no provision in law for sufficient compensation to victims. We are one among highly corrupted country so we have to seal these loopholes before running the plant.   

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