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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You could have read newspaper articles about criminals escaping from India by illegal means  and settling in foreign land. This is evident in Dawood Ibrahim case, who is responsible for various crimes and bomb blasts in Mumbai, somewhere settled in Dubai or Pakistan. His whereabouts is still in question. Likewise numerous criminals settled abroad.

You may be noticed in movies too one who cheats would like to fly to foreign countries. Arresting and repatriating them to India is a big task involves various governmental policies and procedures. This inordinate delay kills justice to victims.

What is the solution?

a)     Criminals based on their crime background should be classified into A,B and C
a.      “A” means more dangerous
b.      “B” category criminals are little dangerous comparing previous category
c.       “C” will get least important. 
b)     How to book the culprits?
                                                                       i.      For arresting “A” category criminals every country should have exclusive division and their sole objective is to arrest and send back them to their mother land. The expenses thereof can be shared from a pool of account between 2 connected countries.
                                                                               ii.      Each country should mandate to get police clearance certificate of home country for their visa process. 
                                                         iii.      All countries should be extra vigilant and verify each passenger movement by plane, ship etc once any big incident happened like bomb blast etc.
                                                          iv.      The criminal records should be uploaded internet and whoever connected worldwide can easily get relevant data of culprits. General public too may be allowed to view records online. So that they will also be vigilant. In addition, all possible details, without affecting their privacy, of each and every citizen worldwide should be made available entire world online 24x7.
                                                            v.      Social networking sites also should connect their master database 
                                                          vi.      Mobile phones network worldwide should be inter connected. So that changing mobile number not required even if the person moves from one country to other country. Mobile number is mandatory to travel outside a country. Scrapping old phone number and getting a new one should be banned worldwide. i.e. a person named after “Ganesh” should use his phone number lifetime and cannot change his number. But he can change mobile operator worldwide.  So tracking by mobile phone is very easy.
                                                       vii.      Likewise email, user ID for various sites, vehicle registration number etc should be made one universally. With one user email ID he can access various sites; password can be changed for each web site. Now phones, email, vehicle of any make etc are considered as basic as like food and shelter. Simply saying all basic things should be made one universally. This proposal makes easy to track down criminals.


Together with formal education, sports, yoga and religious syllabus should be made compulsory to everyone. In addition, life time periodical interval freshen-up classes also mandatory.

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  1. It is a serious problem; all governments have to work together


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