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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I know how Sachin got his MP seat!

--I guess you must have heard this from someone you know. Also, try this – “Oh! She? We all know how she got her promotions. After all she is pretty enough to impress the boss..” Sounds familiar?

Now, if the above said is from someone in your close circle, keep a distance then. If it is you who have mouthed it – go on, read further..  

Ask yourself, how do you want to be remembered? A well-wisher? Or a best critic?
If your criticism is intended to help someone to improve, well then. But if you simply drop your words and go, you are filled with nothing more than jealousy! And the payment would come sooner or later. 

The more and more you throw your negativity, more people would be moving away from you. You will invariably end up being the last person to know about your close one’s success. Now, that would be a bitter medicine to swallow (but, who wants to be judged in real life anyway?)

We can try and give our best in whatever we do. But there are no tailor-made situations.. If someone could get better output, let’s learn to accept that too. 

After all, no book is judged by its cover. What we call “lucky” may be the other person’s preparedness in grabbing the right opportunity!

For me, success lies in living a “content” life. Being content doesn’t mean being happy with yourself alone. But being happy for others too..

So, let’s be the first one to appreciate and
Last one to criticize !!

Keep Smiling and make others smile too.. :)
With love,

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