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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reduce 6 Kgs in 7 days

Change your food habits for 7 days and  loose 6 Kgs in a healthy way without affecting metabolism, a study says.

Find below day wise chart:

1st day: Eat only fruits. You can eat any kind of fruits viz., Orange, apple, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Sapota etc etc. Researchers recommend to eat more watermelon owing to its highly nutrient-rich water. But they advised to avoid Banana.

2nd day: Today eat vegetables. You can add salt and make vegetables little spicy for taste. Eat to fill the stomach; morning eat only potatoes. If you eat boiled vegetables  don't add oil and coconut.

3rd day: Third day you can eat both vegetables and as well as fruits. But don't eat potatoes and bananas. 

4th day: Today you have to eat bananas and milk only. Eat maximum of 3 glass of milk and 8 bananas. If you wish you add something to reduce hunger then eat one cup of vegetable soup.

5th day: This day you can add a very little of rice say one cup. To reduce hunger you can eat big 6 tomatoes. Still feel hungry drink only water. You can drink more or less equivalent to 12 glass of water.

6th day: Today also eat little amount of rice with lot of vegetables. You can eat cooked or  uncooked vegetables until hunger.

7th day: Eat one cup of rice added with lot of vegetables. You can drink fruit juice too. 

That's all; check your weight on 8th day.

General conditions:
  • Except 7th day don't consume fruit juice on all other days. 
  • During this period you can drink coffee and tea without sugar. If you add lemon with tea then it is good.
  • Don't add oil on all days. If not possible add only one spoon.
  • To reduce weight further please leave a 3 day break and continue from day one.
How it works:

a)  In the first two days fruits & vegetables provide energy to body.
b)  From the second day onward you can feel fat burning process has been started inside your body. 
c)  The body regains  potassium & sodium from banana 4th day onward which ensures sufficient nutrients are available. 
d)  More amount of  water added during 5th day used to clean  body organs. 
e)  Little rice added during 5th and 6th day helps the body to get enough nutrients. 
f)  From day 7th changes can be felt being active. 

This study conducted by John Hopkins Research Center of the United States and called as General Motors  Diet.

Note: The diet plan has been revised to suit Indian standards. To read in Tamil (தமிழில் வாசிக்க) click here


  1. எவ்வளவு கஷ்டமான விஷயத்தை இவ்வளவு சிம்பிளா சொல்லிட்டிங்க சார்!

    1. All details are taken from here You can get more explanations at


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