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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A change in election process in india

Election in the present day India is being conducted to select a political party to rule the country or a state. This process was started since freedom. During freedom fighting movement political parties was need to serve the country through their fighting for freedom and thereby uniting the people for the common purpose i.e. “FREEDOM”. However, now a days, since we attained freedom, we should grow as like developed countries. Hence present election system for and by political parties is not in need of hour. Then what would be the solution?

Based on the business / profession / service, or whatever the name a source of money called, we should elect our leaders thereby we reach a solution for the growth of a particular business / profession etc  
            Take textile industry for an example:

For every profession / business there would be 2 class of people would work viz. employers and employees. Therefore, we should select 2 people, one for employers’ side and other for employees’ side and sent them to parliament / legislative assembly. So that the person elected for employer’s side would discuss in parliament and require solutions for business profit, on the other hand the person from employee’s side would talk for upward revision of their wage / salary. In this scenario, we would reach a solution and per capita income of the country would grow.  

Imagine this kind of discussion happening in legislative assembly / parliament; our county may become richest county in the world.

This is my idea, we can discuss in this issue…

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