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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Car Mileage - Truth vs Myth

Average Indian car users have various kind of thoughts in their mind about mileage.

There is about 1 – 2 kilometre mileage difference between automatic and manual gear cars. 

Let's see other truths:

 Fill the petrol either early morning or at night to reduce evaporation
It is not applicable now - a - days as petrol tanks installed at pumps have specialised coating so that it will keep temperature always cool
Don't switch on A/c. Keep open windows and enjoy fresh air to get more mileage
It will hamper car aerodynamics so that mileage will reduce in modern cars. 

Now-a-days car air conditions are more efficiently designed so impact on mileage is very less.
Whenever you stop car temporarily switch off its engine
Modern car doesn’t require switching off its engine. They are fitted with fuel efficient technologies. However more than 90 seconds if stop car you should switch it off.
Buy premium petrol & additives are for to increase mileage
Comparing the increased cost you won’t better mileage. Ordinary petrol is sufficient as per manufactures recommendations. Premium petrol with additives are useful for sports cars

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